Crawfish Boil Pricing

Crawfish boil pricing is based entirely on the year: 2013 was the biggest crop on record and thus the lowest price, but 2014’s intense Winter has made for the most expensive mudbugs in history.

We do our Crawfish by the pound with 30-35lbs being the minimum. Typically for light eaters, you will want 3-5lbs per person, the pros are looking for 3-7lbs to keep their bellies happy. We are very accommodating and serve what needs you have, who are we to tell you how much you want.

Crawfish also come in all kinds of different sizes during the season based on how the weather is (hot or cold & wet or dry) from the farms in Lousiana. Because of this, the price per lb does fluctuate but we try to keep our prices even & fair. We also prefer that we serve large crawfish but can get small-medium size as well.

Crawfish Boils Include:

  • (Secret ingredients & spice)
  • Crawfish
  • Corn
  • Sausage
  • Red Potato

*We call this the trinity of crawfish boils!

Crab Boils Include:

Does this all seem reasonable? Then head over to our scheduling page & get us booked – we fill up fast.

Crawfish outside… how bout dat!